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Sirince Village, Selcuk Turkey


A special visit not to be missed...

This pretty old Orthodox village is 9 km. to Selcuk; Izmir sits amongst olive groves, pine forests, and vineyards. Sirince has preserved its architectural patterns from the 19th century while the history dates back to 5th century BC and the Church of St. John the Baptist dates from 1832. Orthodox Christians and Muslims visit the House of Virgin Mary every year on 15th of August. The village is known for its homemade wine, traditional meals, and authentic atmosphere.

The two-storied multi-windowed stone-brick houses reflect the characteristic architecture in a pleasant array along the cobblestone streets some of which are mostly occupied ladies selling handicrafts to make a living while some of the houses were turned into boutique hotels after some great renovation without damaging its nature.

The town sits at the end of the valley that goes along the Cirkince mountain-pass from the town center to the eastern part of the region. The river passing through the valley was called Klasseas in ancient literature.

Covered with beautiful pine trees; the hills around Sirince are just wonderful to watch. It is a pleasant drive from Selcuk about 15 to 20 minutes of time, up to the hills passing through sharply colored olive trees, vineyards, and fig trees and some gorgeous violet flowers which are the most eye-catching.

While weekends might get overcrowded during the local tourism season for the town; it would be more quiet and fun to walk around during the weekdays if you are only visiting.