Shopping in Turkey


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Offering the quality craftsmanship, artisan traditions of fine carpet weaving, jewelry and tiles and ceramics besides textile; if you are visiting Turkey, shopping itself is irresistible for the wide range of unique and beautiful crafts available. It is both entertaining and satisfying when you are in a reputable, gallery or store. You gain experience and even improve your bargaining skills which are great fun!

Bargaining for everything except the food is quite customary in Turkey in privately owned individual shops, but make sure you have an idea of the price of the article before you begin to get more information about that article. The majority of the shopkeepers in the country is generally honest and will not try to pass off an imitation of the original, but it is always good to ask for a certificate of guarantee for expensive items like carpets or jewelry. While making the payment, you should know the rate of exchange that applies. Ask for a calculator and work out the amount in your own currency.

If you have specific interests or have a private group or special occasion, Travel Atelier creates customized itineraries; highlighting carpet & jewelry stores, boutiques, designer shops, hot restaurants with a great combination of knowledge on the history of the neighborhood.

Like every other destination all around the world, naturally, the tour guide who assists you with a purchase receives a commission from the store. We would like to make it clear that, it does not mean; the travelers pay more – and even in most of the cases, they still pay less rather than doing it alone which is a part of the tradition. Travel agents and the guides who are assigned by the travel agencies only work with reputable establishments and/or companies and have the ability to impose sanctions in case of a delivery problem or need of the change of the good purchased.

Please note that; Other than shopping tours, all our private tours are non-shopping unless or otherwise requested by the respective customer before and during the tour.

Our Tours Include;

  • Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel.
  • Transportation in luxury vehicle
  • Refreshments and snacks to fuel your shopping
  • Knowledgeable guide to point out customized highlights for you; such as in-store experts who would share their expertise on specific items, special treats in reputable stores
  • Gratuity for guide and driver