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What makes us one of the best travel agents...

Travel Atelier is the land operator of Propertravel Consulting Co. that provides travel consulting services for independent travelers since 2004.

At Travel Atelier, we tailor vacation itineraries for individuals, provide handling service to other companies’ respective quests and curate the good life at A Lifetime Experience project. Travel Atelier works as a DMC (Destination Management Company) for meetings and incentives and also has a special department dedicated to Civil Weddings in Turkey.

The founder-partners Pinar Soyata Ozguc and Y. Murat Ozguc are seasoned travel professionals with hotel management and travel agency backgrounds. After working with leading companies in the travel industry for many years; they decided to utilize their expertise in their business. They are destination experts and still actively working on special interest itineraries besides supervising the guest and travel consultant correspondences and also taking care of the wedding organizations and incentives of the company.

Mr. Orsan, Ms. Beyhan & Ms. Pini are the in-house members of our operations team, who also share the same passion for Turkey and are very much willing to assist you with your travel planning. Fatih is a senior travel expert and holds his national (not regional) professional tour guide license and guide his guests whenever it's possible while Orsan is always in the office and on top of the whole operation. Mr. Serkan (based in Istanbul) assists our wedding couples with their civil marriage paperwork and execution of the ceremony.

There is also Mrs. Hatice – Mum of the Proper House – who is in charge of in-house catering facilities and keeps the Office in order. Having said that if you happen to come to Cappadocia, you are most welcome to have lunch with us at Proper House and enjoy her delicious food!

Meet Our Team

Pinar Soyata Ozguc

Pinar Soyata Ozguc

Murat Ozguc

Y. Murat Ozguc

Orsan Melih Dogan

Orsan Dogan

Hatice Yalcindag

Hatice Yalcindag

Hilmi John Akerman Ozguc

Hilmi John Akerman Ozguc


Apart from the ones above, Travel Atelier contracts and works with some freelance guides besides experts in different academic levels on special interest itineraries such as archaeologists, urban planners, historians, wine and culinary specialists and lecturers.

Whoever picks up the phone at Travel Atelier Office speaks fluent English, and all are decision-makers. They will save your precious time, eliminate stress, provide excellent value for money and help you purchase the finest tours and routes and pick the best hotels for a memorable holiday while promising 7/24 assistance during your vacation.

They aim to share their knowledge with the ones who want to explore this amazing country with its legendary cultural heritage and natural beauty while enjoying the traditional life with the creature comforts of modern Turkey.

Why Travel Atelier?

The way we are running our business allows us to enhance quality, retain revenue and invest in our people. And we are very proud and happy to work in such a dynamic industry.

We do not provide services we did not experience ourselves, whether it is a hotel room, a professional guide, a luxury minivan, or just a restaurant. We do travel extensively to extend our database of vendors and update existing ones and check the quality of the services they provide, which is one of the major strengths of our company in the market.

We are proud of what we are offering to our guests, adding value to their experience with the professional assistance of travel experts and consultants; knowing that each satisfied guest becomes an ambassador of our country. We are so confident in what and how we’re doing our business because 42% of our business of cultural tours of Turkey are either return guests or referrals.

Personally and professionally, we believe that the holiday is ” Holy’ itself. That is why we work on the perfect solutions and options for this precious time.

We care about our environment, and we are doing our best to adopt Responsible Tourism practices. Besides, supporting many local and global NGOs mainly related to environmental protection, cultural and historical conservation societies; Travel Atelier plants 2 saplings for every full itinerary tailored in the name of its guests through the TEMA Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats. Visit TEMA

Tema Foundation Ecotourism



Having just concluded 62 days traveling through Turkey which was arranged by Travel Atelier we have nothing but the highest praise for them. They were exceptionally helpful and thoroughly professional not only during the planning of our journey but also throughout its course. Their itinerary and accommodations were well thought out and of the highest standard.

Ted Middleton
Ted Middleton True Traveler


We had such a great experience with Ismail's arrangements and guides on a trip to Turkey a year and a half earlier, we thought we could not go wrong having him help us again for Morocco. We were right! What a blast of a trip it was... Our guide was Mr. Loftu with Mr. Adil as the driver. We traveled with my 2 boys (6 & 4 yrs old), my mother, and we were treated very well.

Cindy Sumarauw
Cindy Sumarauw Repeat Guest


This is a seriously good operator. A holiday in far eastern Turkey arranged late in the day and with all the potential for error associated with that approach, became a seamless operation when put in the hands of Orsan. From the outset he provided useful suggestions and recommendations and, when we had decided, the back up he supplied was excellent...

Jaj Durham
John Jennings Senior Traveler
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