Travel Atelier offers a wide variety of travel services, such as hotel bookings, tours, blue cruise arrangements, domestic and international flight and ferry reservations, private jet, helicopter and car hire services besides civil wedding organizations and honeymoon arrangements.

Whether an individual or a group traveler, you can ask for one single travel arrangement as well as a trip package. Travel Atelier team promises to reply all the inquiries within 6-24 hrs. The primary principal of Travel Atelier is to provide the best possible service within the guests' travel budget. However, we would like to remind you that our company’s expertise is mainly on the luxury travel.

RESERVATIONS may be made by telephone, in person or by mail without obligation. With the travel packages, we may not be able to provide you itemized breakdowns because of the ever-changing markets and confidential wholesale prices for professionals. Please note that all airfares are subject to increase until full payment is received and tickets issued, it is therefore to your advantage to finalize payments as soon as you can after confirming your booking.

Travel Atelier quotes the prices to travelers with their currency when possible. If any of the suppliers do not accept payments in any other currency, there might be different currencies on your invoice statement or confirmed services page. Travel Atelier provides a page for confirmed services or invoice statement attached to the mail order form. Please note that Confirmed Services Page is the contract between the traveler and Travel Atelier. It is advised that you check all the items mentioned on your confirmed services page and make sure that it’s all clear. As soon as we receive the signed mail order form, we assume that the traveler totally accepts services mentioned on the confirmed services page.

Should any fare be designated provisional on your invoice statement or confirmed services page or mail order form against an itinerary line, this means the airline, tour operator or hotel has not confirmed the exact fare to be charged; so subsequently this amount may be subject to change.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: By Turkish law, every individual and group traveler have to have valid travel insurance. We strongly recommend that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance from your country, which covers medical, and repatriation expenses, personal baggage and personal effects, loss or theft of money. If you want us to provide it for you against a charge; it has to be indicated while confirming the desired travel services. In particular cases cancellation fees, if incurred involuntarily, may be covered by insurance taken out at this time. Travel Atelier will not accept responsibility for any person who fails to be properly insured for their journey.

Travel Atelier, highly recommends that you purchase travel insurance from your home country for your travel package.
Travel insurance can further protect you in the event of cancellation due to unforeseen occurrences.

DISSATISFACTION WITH A SERVICE: It is extremely important to give all your travel requirements for the services BEFORE making actual reservations to ensure that you receive exactly what you want. Please remember that we cannot do anything unless we are alerted to a problem. Clients who completed their journey organized and/or operated by Travel Atelier unsatisfied due to lack of a service without notifying management cannot expect a refund after the fact - especially since we most likely could have fixed the problem while the guests were traveling with us.

General and Local Conditions: Travelers need to accept that life abroad will be different than your life at home. Certain rules and regulations are set for local conditions and could be harder than you face in your country. The local authorities in Turkey are in charge of monitoring and enforcement of such regulations. The cots supplied at hotels comply with that country’s safety regulations. However, it will be at your expense to check that it meets your child’s needs. Construction of buildings or roads may be in progress. Sometimes, the hotels may be going through certain maintenance or refurbishment work which can take place without any notification to tour operators. In such a case, please keep in mind that the hotel management will always try to ensure that such work is carried out with the minimum inconvenience. If we have been informed about this before, we will certainly warn our guests about it before they start their vacation and in particular cases, we’ll try to place our guests somewhere else to avoid the discomfort. The Islamic call to prayer, traffic, and other sounds are a part of everyday life in Turkey, and it must be tolerated.

Unused Services: Please note that there are no refunds for services provided, but not utilized.

Special Requests: If you have special requests concerning hotel accommodation, group tours, car rental, airline-bus-train-ferry seats, airport shuttle services and/ or any other item present in your itinerary, please inform us at the time of booking and we will pass your special inquiry to the suppliers concerned. These special requests will be taken notice. However, confirmation may not be guaranteed as asked. Even if your request is noted and accepted by the supplier, we cannot accept liability for any possible failure on their part.

ITINERARY PREPARATIONS ONLY: Travel Atelier Travel Agency has travel consultants on pay-role besides assigning freelance advisers and consultants on special interest travel itineraries. When we are asked to prepare a travel itinerary and gather the necessary information on the sites, without any bookings; there is a service charge involved – as seen on the below charts; to cover our communication costs, expertise, effort & time. We hope; you also agree that we as travel agents make our livings on travel services only… For Istanbul, Cappadocia, Aegean & Mediterranean Coast

Itinerary                           Up to 3-5 hrs work Less than

1 Week:                                    150,00.-Euros
1 Week - 10 Days:                  220,00.-Euros
11 - 14 Days:                            270,00.-Euros
More than 2 Weeks:              350,00-Euros

Eastern Anatolia Region inclusion, brings an addition of € 25 to € 40.- to each of the above, according to the route you would be following.

Flight Tickets / Per Person
Domestic Flights per segment    20 TL
International Flight Tickets per segment  € 20

Those are the guidelines for service charges and for airline tickets, more than 3 segments; the cost will be reduced, please ask.

FOR TRAVEL PACKAGES: Travel Atelier typically receives a commission from other travel suppliers ranging from 10% to 15% percent. When providing travel services such as hotel, yacht, helicopter & plane bookings, guided tours, etc. there is no additional service charge involved in your quotation. Generally speaking, a traveler won’t save much money by making the reservation themselves, because travel professionals don’t usually lower their retail prices. However, the wholesale prices change according to the reputation and loyalty of the travel agency. Being a travel agency we even may negotiate on bulk rates from travel suppliers, and may be able to sell you the product and/or the service at a better price than you could get yourself and still make money. Our motto is to provide the best possible service to our client, and we often give extra service for which we may earn no money, such as re-booking canceled flights for you, sorting out missing hotel reservations, or helping out in the case of illness.

Regardless of your travel dates, %30 (or +) of the ”services total” is required as the deposit amount by mail order or bank transfer within 4 days to confirm the bookings. The exact deposit amount will be confirmed to you at the time of booking and will depend on the services booked. Please note that; with full travel packages; After the deposit payment, 100.-Euro per person of the deposit amount or %10 of the total travel package (whichever is greater), is non-refundable, unless we are unable to confirm your original booking request and an alternative is not accepted. The final payment date will be clearly indicated on your mail order form which will be sent to you by e-mail for the confirmation of the travel service(s) . Final payment; is normally required 30 days prior to your arrival date unless specifically stated differently in the booking process and is payable with bank transfer or mail order.

In the unlikely event of an administrative error resulting in an incorrect price being displayed, we reserve the right to correct the price. In these circumstances, you will not be bound to continue with your purchase, and will be asked to email us to confirm that you wish to proceed. No pre-departure information will be presented to you by Travel Atelier until the total amount has been charged fully. Failure to pay by the due date may result in the cancellation of your holiday and loss of deposit. All airfares are subject to increase until full payment is received and tickets issued, it is therefore to your advantage to finalize payment as soon as you can after booking. Different terms and conditions may apply to you and any of the airlines, hotels, tour operators involved in providing your travel arrangements. These terms and conditions will be provided to you at the time of booking.

AMENDMENTS BY YOU: After confirmation and deposit payment, you wish to change your holiday arrangements we will do our utmost to make these changes. Any change to an itinerary prior to the receipt of your final payment will be treated as an amendment. Depending on the amount of work involved, each change may incur an amendment charge which will not exceed 20.Usd per person, in addition to any further costs or charges that we incur from our suppliers in making the alteration. If full payment has already been received amendments are treated as cancellations and the cancellation charges detailed below will apply. Please note that some suppliers, in particular airlines, do not allow a name change and may consider this as a cancellation and re-booking with a 100% cancellation charge.

CANCELLATIONS BY YOU: (Flights) Should you for any reason have to cancel your booking(s) you must give us a written notice of cancellation signed by the person who initially made the reservation.

CANCELLATIONS BY YOU: (Services other than Flights) Should you for any reason have to cancel your booking(s) you must give us a written notice of cancellation signed by the person who initially made the reservation. Cancellation charges are dependent on the supplier’s terms and conditions vary accordingly. These costs vary according to whether you have booked a package or other travel arrangements.


After deposit payment – Before 30 days: is subject to a cancellation fee of %10 of the confirmed travel package total

29-15 days: is subject to a cancellation fee of 20% of the confirmed travel package total
14-10 days: is subject to a cancellation fee of 30% of the confirmed travel package total
9-5 days: is subject to a cancellation fee of 60% of the confirmed travel package total
4-2 days: is subject to a cancellation fee of 90% of the confirmed travel package total
Less than 48 hours – to first service date, is considered as a full no-show and the full amount is forfeited.

Please also note that there will be no refund of any unused component during your holiday.

CANCELLATION POLICY FOR HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS ONLY: Hotel Cancellation policies are applicable.

CANCELLATION POLICY FOR FLIGHT RESERVATIONS ONLY: once the tickets are issued, in the case of cancellation of the reservations, airline’s ticketing charge and Travel Atelier service charge & airlines ticketing fee are forfeited, and rest amount is refunded unless it’s a promo-ticket. Travel Atelier informs you about the type of ticket at the time of booking. With the promo tickets, in the case of cancellation, the full amount is forfeited.