Basilica John Ephesus Turkey


A Place of Pilgrimage...

Basilica of Saint John is on the southern slopes of Ayasuluk below the fortress of it. A Christian legend from 2nd century tells about Apostle St. John's Burial on Ayasuluk Hill. A church with a wooden roof was built over his tomb in the 4th century.

During the reign of Emperor Justinian the Great (527–565), Byzantines aimed to replace the old church with an unprecedentedly impressive new one. The cross planned building had the entrance from the courtyard on the western side. The nave of the building that spanned 130 m. in east-west direction was covered with six domes. The monograms of Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora are still visible on the column heads in this two-storied magnificent church.

Apostle St. John's tomb was below the central dome. The common belief in the Medieval Ages about the healing effects of the dust rising from the tomb had turned the basilica into a place of pilgrimage. Basilica of Saint John still continues to fascinate the visitors while the calm of Selcuk town comforts them in their memorable visit to the area of Ephesus daily.