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Central Anatolia, Turkey


The Cradle of Civilizations...

Our capital city in Central Anatolia, Turkey is Ankara which is actually the heart of this region. Historically speaking, that area of Anatolia has always hosted important cultures of communities like Neolithic settlements in Konya (Catalhoyuk), the Hittites (Hattusa), the Phrygians (King Midas - Gordion), and also early Christians in Cappadocia.

The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara, Caravanserais on Silk Road (Sultanhan etc.), volcanic mountains, the largest lake in Turkey; Salt Lake, beautiful architectural buildings from Seljuk Turks in Kayseri which is named after Caesar, ski resorts of Erciyes Mountain, Cappadocia trails and trekking routes on Mount Taurus range are all there.