Devrent Imagination Valley, Cappadocia Turkey


A place of imagination...

Although Devrent (Imagination) Valley does not have rock-cut churches with frescoes like other valleys of Cappadocia while the rock formations are entirely different than the others in the region. There are no Roman castles or Roman tombs in the zone, either. It was never inhabited. So what makes it so famous? The lunar landscape!

It reveals many different rock formations. The small fairy chimneys in the area to form a lunar landscape, or moonscape, by their strange look. It also has many animal shaped rocks. It seems like a sculpture zoo made by nature. Some of the most important, or the easiest seen animal shapes are a camel, snake, seals, and a dolphin. If you let your imagination run free; you will find many others. It is like looking at clouds and seeing a dragon. There is even a rock pillar which looks like Virgin Mary, holding Jesus Christ.

This visit should not be missed for photography or videography in Kapadokya.