Sultanhan Caravanserai Cappadocia


Ancient Motels...

Seljuks, being at their golden age, had built a caravanserai in Cappadocia every 30 to 40 km. distance to each other (one-day camel trip distance) on the Great Silk Road and protected it along the way.

While anything that a trader would need was provided such as; physicians, doctors, veterinarians and shoe repairers, etc.

Unlike the usual trade control by temples that used to charge %5 to % 20 tax out of the total cost of the goods; these services in Anatolia were free of charge for three nights, not only for local traders but also for foreigners which helped Seljuk becoming rich politically as well. Guards would be taking care of the possessing inside while the trader would take a rest.

The tax would be collected from the trader's’ stall in the Hans (today’s local markets); displaying their goods there; would pay a monthly rental fee to the government which would all be spent for the merchants at these public and safest facilities.

Today, Sultanhan, Sarihan, and Agzikarahan Caravanserais are in good shape and worth visiting.