Hotel Booking in Turkey & Greece


What is the point of booking your hotel through a trusted travel agent?’

Yes we all know that; one can book his hotel through online booking engines and benefit from special ‘’so-called’’ discounts, free offers, etc. and there is nothing wrong about it! Sometimes we do it too if we are just in need of a room.

So ‘’what is the point of reserving your stay through a trusted travel agent?’’ some may ask.

Here is our answer...

First of all; both the booking engines and the agents naturally receive a commission on the room rates. This is how the industry works. There are retail prices for customers; there are net rates for agencies and/or a commission amount is defined on customer rates which are mostly the usual practices for online bookings.

Since we have been facing price comparisons from our guests here, we wanted to give extra information about such situations.

Only working with independent individual travelers from the beginning, we always recommend the quality boutique hotels offering all creature comforts, local tastes, intimate and friendly and in general highly personalized service to our guests. We want you to experience the Turkish hospitality as well as good amenities and select our recommended hotels within the very well managed ones, sharing the same code of ethics and passion with us.

Booking engines work on allotment basis, which means hoteliers allow the system to sell a specific number of rooms at a time that’s why you see like 1 or 2 rooms left, where most of the time better category rooms are available for Travel Atelier guest. Online bookings usually display the rates of the cheapest room –sometimes without even a view or daylight with the pressure of the low-price competition, where Travel Atelier offers the best available room type and rate of it.

The engines sometimes display the rates with hidden costs which you only find out once you proceed with your credit card, where Travel Atelier gives the rates with all inclusions like breakfast and taxes. Principally, we do not recommend any hotels if we have not inspected so we are quite confident about what our guest would get.

These systems only work with the revenue focus, where we work only with the maximum guest satisfaction focus. Online bookings are not able to include the hidden gems in their portfolio since some of the quality boutique accommodations do not want to be promoted or displayed within such systems where we update our recommended hotels annually and run after the new properties with quality service and value for money all the time…

Booking engine cannot give you upgrades, modify some of your bookings where our guest always gets the best room and benefits from possible upgrades without asking, besides receiving extra attention from the management and staff.

You cannot call and ask for assistance from an engine where your travel consultant at Travel Atelier is there for you with 7/24 support to fix unforeseen occurrences. You would only know ‘’how good is your travel agent’’ when something goes wrong…

Booking engines and other travel or hotel advising online systems would not know about your taste and with whom you are traveling with (and not interested in it too) where we recommend a place considering our guests' profile, age group, physical conditions, interests, expectations, and lifestyle… The same place would be perfect for staying at in July with family where it could be a disheartening experience for a traveler coming in February or a couple seeking for romance in the same July…

Finally, do you pay more if you book with us? The answer is no... Travel Atelier gives the best available rate to their guests with added values.

If it would help to convince you further, one of our managing partners Mr. Murat Ozguc is one of the European Hotel Inspectors of Condé Nast Johansens Recommended Hotels and Spa’s guide as well as having a hotel management background for 20 years besides providing management consulting to boutique style accommodation – we know where we are standing and talking about.

You can see some of our recommendations for Istanbul, Cappadocia, Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey on our website and Greece collection including Athens, Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes collection will be available soon. Please note that we are not limited to these listings. Alternatively, you may ask us to book you a hotel that you have spotted yourself for any reason; we would be happy to comment and book it on behalf of you.


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