Cooking Class Istanbul Cappadocia Turkey


Turkish Kitchen is another story...

We believe experiencing local tastes at a cooking class is a major asset to enjoy the local culture. And Turkey is heaven for that with Istanbul more with a mix of everything, Cappadocia with Anatolian Cuisine and Bodrum is rather for a Mediterranean tickle.

Thanks to the several civilizations The Turkish Cuisine is considered to be one of the richest kitchens in the World. This is no wonder if one thinks about all the geography where the Turks lived and built an empire during their history. From the Danube and the Balkans to the Arabic Peninsula and the northern shores of Africa, different cultures and their tastes blended in with the Turkish Heritage and built an inspiring cuisine. Today all this heritage is blended with the contemporary ways of cooking, but the ingredients are still traditional. You can experience shopping with the cook or start directly in the kitchen with going deeper into our kitchen culture.

Travel Atelier organizes cooking classes for an incredible journey through the Turkish Culture and cuisine including the classics of the historical Ottoman cuisine and favorites of the traditional Turkish home cooking. Travelers can enjoy the freshly prepared meals for lunch or dinner along with refreshing drinks and Turkish Coffee.

So, just let us know in advance once you are at one of the destinations; Cappadocia, Istanbul or Bodrum; let Travel Atelier pick the best kitchen for you for an unforgettable cooking class experience.