Zelve Open Air Museum, Cappadocia, Turkey


A unique and strategic location in Cappadocia...

Although its churches don't have vibrant wall paintings like Goreme Open Air Museum; Zelve was an important settlement and religious area between 9th to 13th centuries where Christians took shelter during the Persian and Arab invasions. The complex contains innumerable rooms and passages (you may consider it as a more residential area comparing with Goreme which also house many fairy chimneys with large stems, at about 40 feet above the valley floor and the dovecotes in the valley are worth-seeing. The topography is dramatic and definitely worth visiting. The site is recently uninhabited.

Please note that there is no public transport to Zelve Open Air Museum and travelers must have their own vehicle, take a taxi, or a tour.

Museum Hours:

High Season (Apr.-Oct.) Open: 08:00 / Close: 19:00
Low Season (Nov.-Mar) Open: 08:00 / Close: 17:00