Black Sea, Turkey


Off the beaten...

Tea is grown in Turkey and the place is the Black Sea… But that region is also well-known with its Christian/Georgian history. One of the late Byzantine churches (Hagia Sophia of Trapezus) and one the most important Monasteries; Sumela Monastery welcomes you as an important pilgrimage route of Christians.

The pastures at the eastern part of Kackar Mountains once crossed by Greek army on the way back home after defeating the Persians (Return of Ten Thousand).

While at least 10 days trip is recommended; one can easily spend up to 2 months of time in this beautiful region especially at the wonderful plateaus of the region.

The beautiful coast will take you into a peaceful mood and any photos or movies will hardly describe it. Yet, if you want to see how deep really it is (2,212 m./7,257 ft.); here is a link for the Black Sea Movie trailer.