Museum of Anatolian Civilizations


One of the few...

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations was first founded in 1921 by Mubarek Galip Bey, and it is the first museum of Ankara. While it was at Akkale by the Ankara Citadel; it was then carried to an old bedesten (covered bazaar) with the inculcation of Ataturk. After such a beginning, archaeological heritages of Hittites were also sent from Anatolia, and a significant process started in 1938 which would take 30 years of work to restore and build a museum in 4 halls of this old bazaar.

Displaying some of the unique pieces (from Paleolithic Age to Ottoman Era) found around central Turkey, Anatolian Civilizations Museum today is one of the few museums in the world.

Latest renovations started back in 2010 and then it was completely opened to public visit by 2014.