Sagalassos Turkey


Unique, isolated and best-preserved...

From 1990, the ancient city Sagalassos of Aglasun, Burdur in Turkey has become a major archaeological research project led by Marc Waelkens. The monumental city center is now exposed; four major restoration projects are completed. The project also undertakes an intensive urban and geophysical survey, excavations in the domestic and industrial areas, and an exhaustive survey of the territory. The first study documents a thousand years of occupation from Alexander the Great to the seventh century while the latter has established the changing settlement patterns, the vegetation history, and farming practices, the landscape formation and climatic changes during the last 10,000 years.

While the signboards present useful information about the site; if you are lucky enough; you might get guided by someone from the archeology team especially during July or August when they are on duty.

It might be better call or contact in advance about the conditions of weather or road and visiting hours (08:00 - 18:00). Early morning or late afternoon would be a better timing considering the heat in summer where at the site you will enjoy the gentle breeze that we recommend to stay up to 4 hours of time.