Uchisar Cappadocia Turkey


Highest point of the region...

The Uchisar town of Cappadocia is situated on the highest inhabited plateau of Goreme region and offers marvelous views from its castle and hotels all the way to Avanos.

Some years ago a kilometer long tunnel was discovered that connected the tower to a stream so that the inhabitants were able to fetch water without exposing themselves to hostile eyes. The picturesque ravine is dotted with rock-cut pigeon lofts accommodating thousands of seven today.

The castle itself houses numerous rooms in it which are completely blocked today because of the erosion as well the rock formations surrounding it. However, by paying a small admission fee, you can walk two indoor floors and then outdoor steps going up to the top where it presents incredible views of the landscape.

Most of the hotels have fantastic views while we picked some of the best ones for you at luxury cave hotels chosen few out of all regions of Turkey including this beautiful, magical land.