Doors of Mustafapasa (Sinasos) Cappadocia


Another peaceful town in Cappadocia, Turkey...

Located on 5 km south of Urgup; Mustafapasa (Sinasos) is one of the most charming villages of Cappadocia Turkey; famous for its Greek architecture. Greeks and Karamanlides (Turkish speaking Christians) constituted the majority of the population, and Muslim Turks represented the rest.

Although situated far from the seas, Sinasiotes, who temporarily migrated to Istanbul, was known to be the traders of seafood and especially caviar. The small town had many elaborate houses by the wealth. In 1924 however by the population exchange after the Lozan Peace Treaty in 1920 between Greece and Turkey; Greeks and Karamanlides left the town for Nea-Sinasos; a city in the northern part of the island of Euboea in Greece. They were replaced by Bulgarian Muslims and Turks from Kastoria, a town in the north of Greece.

Wooden doors and stonework on the facades of the old houses are worth seeing. The village now hosts a University with an additional building of Seljuks that used it as a theological school back in 13th century.