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The Country That Travels Within You...

As Travel Atelier, we will be happy to arrange your luxury travel plan in Morocco with very preferential rates, interesting and amazing locations, valuable site inspections, pleasant tuition about the country’s relevant aspects, and intelligent enjoyment are guaranteed. So, by the end of the trip, you’ll be a semi-expert on Morocco, and hopefully very happy about the way you attained your knowledge.

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Fes: Travelling to Fes is having the privilege of visiting a medieval city, still immersed in pre-scientific thought, some hundreds of years after the end of the Middle Ages. If you do so between the 8th and the 16th of June 2012, they can explore the labyrinths of the ancient Medina in the morning, and in the afternoon, watch the live performances of Joan Baez and Björk, amongst many others (The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music).

Essaouira: And if you want to know why Jimi Hendrix or the Rolling Stones were passionate about Essaouira, visit the Gnaoua and World Music Festival taking place there between the 21st and 24th of June 2012, or how a UNESCO heritage fortified coastal town of massive ramparts becomes the capital of ethnic music, flowers, peace and love during these four days.

We can tailor your itinerary to incorporate these two events - you should tell us as soon as possible, though, as charming hotels are filling up fast for these events.


Outghal, a village in the High Atlas

If you miss the chance to spend a day out in the High Atlas with the Berbers in the warm seasons, enjoying a healthy picnic lunch in style with your guide, assisted by a cook, mules, and muleteers, they will simply miss experiencing what Winston Churchill regarded as ‘one of the most delightful spots in the world’ in the most delightful season of the year. We will take care of all arrangements: the hospitality and warm welcome of the Berbers, the natural wisdom, and the air full of butterflies come for free.

Outghal High Atlas Morocco
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If you haven’t ever slept under the sheltering sky of the desert, as millions of stars rotated slowly above your head, we dare to say you don’t know what night means.

(Reaching the desert from Marrakech without exhausting oneself with long drives takes 2 nights by road; private flights can be arranged for those with limited time in the country, however; ask your travel advisor for further details).

We can arrange a night in the biggest bedroom in the world. Astronomical ceilings, infinite walls, ever-changing golden sand floors… and the bed.

Frankly, who cares about comfortable shower and toilet facilities, dreamlike furniture arrangements, and tasteful food, in the presence of night in all its vastness, spread over an ocean of dunes? But we will make sure they will have these also, just in case!


Just at the moment when the sun sets fire to the sky of Marrakech, the beating of drums at Djmaa El Fna square stops. The sound of the muezzin fills the air from the top of the minarets; that’s the customary way to greet the arrival of dusk here, and it overwhelms the soul with what a friend of mine called ‘a Zen instant’.

We can always arrange a private Yoga session on a deserted beach in Essaouira, or in the lush gardens of exclusive property in the Atlas or La Palmeraie, or initiation into Sufi music or the mystical trance of the Gnaoua if you still want more.

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Exploring the coast on horseback… The most exclusive water sports… Venusian sunsets, pearl and green shades over the sea… Eating the fish catch of the day, cooked in front of you… Enjoying a cocktail on a terrace with views of a UNESCO’s coastal ancient medina, whilst listening to live jazz music… with hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of totally unspoiled golden sand beaches, Morocco feels the same way as the Andalusian coast in Spain felt fifty years ago.


Spring is the most pleasant season for a morning ballooning excursion near Marrakech. As the balloon gently rides on the breeze, you can see the red arid landscapes, the villages, and hamlets scattered all over, the massive walls of the Atlas, the gardens, and oasis here and there. The Moroccan sky is a good place to share a glass of champagne with someone you really care about.