Sustainable Tourism Development Turkey


We care about human & nature...

Destination Turkey

Travel Atelier believes that our community & area to which we send our guests on their itinerary should benefit for sustainable tourism development economically and uses as much locally-run accommodation, family businesses charming B&B’s where possible, all of which has been personally inspected by us every year.

Travel Atelier does not dictate rules or regulations as traveling is a need and everyone needs to go out of their routines and get to know other cultures, civilizations and localize with the host country's citizens.

Our Economic Responsibility

Being responsible in the tourism industry does not have to mean compromising your comfort and luxury.

Use local guides with more intimate knowledge of the region, local restaurants, shops in which we believe they would offer the high-quality services we demand on our client’s behalf and benefit the local community.

Supporting local economies will help to sustain employment and development for the benefit of future travelers.

Our clients are given advice on appropriate tipping as well as, appropriate dress codes and local customs.

Our guides and drivers are paid fairly on market conditions.

We continue to recommend local restaurants/shops etc which directly benefit the community.

We support community development projects direct or indirect, support nonprofit organizations both local and international like Rotary International and take part to give a scholarship to young generations.

Our Environmental Responsibility

We remain committed to researching as many new community tourism projects, ecotourism-friendly initiatives & new locally owned hotels as possible.

We commit ourselves to learn about offsetting the carbon emissions, integrate to the sustainability of tourism and work closely with TEMA foundation and “Plant a Sapling Project” We donate two saplings at Tema for each full itinerary we have realized in the name of our respected direct clients. For the year 2013 Travel Atelier saplings are being planted in Izmir Urla Forest.

TEMA Foundation implements reforestation, afforestation, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity protection projects in areas subject to erosion, in order to regain the green cover, wildlife, and ecological balance. The foundation, with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, has planted 2,2 million saplings over an area of 2.350 hectares under 25 different reforestation projects through the sponsorship of individuals and companies.

As well as our office team, our guides are all very aware of environmental issues and keeping our historical heritage intact while respecting the flora and fauna on the day to day travels. More intimate knowledge of the region.

By visiting special places with special itineraries, we help protect national parks, marketing cultural heritage of the country. By setting standards, we provide improvements on services and minimize waste of time & energy and money.

We always take great care to ensure everything is left as we found it.

We use modern and well-maintained vehicles with less gasoline consumption while providing the comfort and safety of our customers.

All of our trip and company information is available on our website, we do not have a printed brochure and we use e-mails for communications and documentation. We undertake NO paper-based mail shot marketing.

Our Social Responsibility

As a boutique travel agency, we are dealing with individuals at various destinations.

If it is a group we are serving, it is a small group and impact of small to nature and the environment is much more positive and friendlier.

We actively participate with professional and local organizations, academics and schools for the development of local tourism and its sustainability. Also, participate in community and charity projects where we further localize our presence. Create awareness for locals to be better hosts and understanding of needs of travelers while exchanging cultural values.

Currently, we are participating in “Contribution of the European Dimension to the Qualifications and Employability of the Women in the Tourism Industry” with Nevsehir University.

Encouraging our customers to interact with the local community in a responsible manner.

Our tour guides and route notes provided with invaluable tips on social behavior, simple Turkish phrases of good mannered introduction and local customs.

If our guests are interested in local arts & crafts we advice honest & reliable vendors, believing local craftsman will continue and traditions will be kept alive and developed at their own destination.


2 Nights / 3 Days - Eco Tour

Starting from 375,00.-Euros Per Person

7 Nights / 8 Days - Eco Tour

Starting from 730,00.-Euros Per Person