Side Ancient City Antalya Turkey


A flawless mix of old and new...

Side, Antalya is an ancient Greek settlement which lies on the southern coast of Mediterranean Turkey. The name of this historical port town means pomegranate in the Luvi language. It is unique in terms of managing to protect its language and culture against the conquests of Alexander the Great which aimed the Hellenize the territories he controlled.

Technically it's a city, but it has somehow clung to its small-town atmosphere despite the advance of civilization. This is partly due to its cobbled streets and Roman ruins but also because of other better-known attractions in Antalya.

Due to this resistance, today the excavation still is unearthing new founding written in the Luvi language. Recent excavations executed in the area are indicating and early history of the city dating back to 2nd century BC. With the help of its good harbor, it was not only a trade center but also a focal point for the slave market.

It boasts the second longest beach in Turkey as well as the Apollo Temple where Anthony and Cleopatra first fell in love. The Old Town and harbor are favorite haunts of those looking for authentic Turkish fare and refreshing cocktails.

Today, it is a great beach resort destination visited by a couple of hundred thousand people for its unique remaining as well.

Day trips depart from Side to all the nearby attractions making it a perfectly peaceful hub from which to launch your explorations.