Temple Didyma Turkey


Twin Temples of Apollo and Artemis...

Located very close to the port of Miletus on the west coast of Turkey, Didyma is a massive, colossal setting that was built in 3rd century BC. The Temple of Apollo was the second most important oracle center of which many leaders including Alexander the Great visited or send their representatives seeking for answers and guidance of Apollo.

It was the fourth largest temple in the Greek world which was then turned into a church by the 5th century. It is probably the richest and the biggest of the Ionian temples on the Anatolian territory. Greek and Roman authors labored to refer its name to “twin” temples as Apollo and Artemis.

The temple of Didyma gave the following services as religious festivals, sacrifices, and votive offerings whereas the Oracle followed rather public and foreign affairs protection against enemies.

Not very much known about Christianity in the area as back in 20th century, it was mostly restored back to its Hellenistic Era by German archeologists who were in charge of many excavations in Turkey.