Kaymakli Underground City


The widest one...

Kaymakli Underground City is the second largest subterranean complex in Cappadocia. The cave consists of seven floors, each containing 15 houses to accommodate circa two hundred people each.

It has several churches and chapels, an extensive maze of galleries with round stones blocking the passages rolled into slot-like receptacles along groves, hewn from the floor.

Weighing several tons, these “safety locks” were so delicately balanced that even a few people could roll them in front of the entrances.

Amazing already with their surreal constructions, an underground tunnel discovered leading to Derinkuyu (circa 9km) connecting these two underground cities further confuse those who are looking for a possible answer regarding their constructions.

Open every day.
Best time to visit depends on the season while we recommend visiting in the afternoon in summer and early morning in winter.

Museum Hours:

High Season (Apr.-Oct.) Open: 08:00 / Close: 19:00
Low Season (Nov.-Mar) Open: 08:00 / Close: 17:00