Dark Church Cappadocia


The most well preserved cave church of Cappadocia...

Lighted only by a small window in its narthex, the interior of Dark Church is indeed very dim, but due to lack of light; the frescoes are very well preserved.

Got its name locally for the same reason, the church today displays the most well-preserved wall paintings in a random, yet educational order. Three columns are well restored in this cross planned church dated back to the 11th century was utterly touched by UNESCO and to keep the traffic less; it is accessed with extra admission fee.

The church has the same opening hours with Goreme Open Museum and a total must-see once you are in the area.

Some of the depictions from New Testament are Annunciation, Journey to Bethlehem, Nativity, Transfiguration of Christ, The Resurrection of Lazarus, Entry into Jerusalem, Last Supper, the Treason of Judas, Crucifixion, and Ascension.