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Blue Cruise Turkey


Let us spoil you on board...

Firstly, when we say blue cruise; we are talking about wooden vessels made in Turkey that can be a motor yacht or a luxury gulet designed for you to have a unique experience. Turkish gulets usually have cabins from 2 to 20 built mostly comfy enough for the perfect voyage that often sails on an engine (weather permitting for the fun of it, the captain can open the sails and let you enjoy for a while).

Blue Voyage is an exclusive way to enjoy the natural beauty of the crystal clear turquoise coast of Mediterranean and Aegean, especially at Bodrum, Marmaris, Antalya, Fethiye, and Olympos while having the opportunity of visiting the archaeological sites is the icing on the cake. If you consider combining it with Greece; it would let you cover both the Mediterranean & Aegean coasts, Dodecanese and Cyclades Islands Group.

With steady winds and crystal clear waters beside the numerous secluded anchorages; blue voyage can be the most memorable part of your holiday, and you can quickly get addicted and this unique experience which will tempt you to come back, again and again, every time.

Sea lovers around the globe know that the cruise ships are for hundreds or thousands of passengers, but Turkish gulets are entirely different. So, here is why you should consider chartering your own vessel rather than massive cruises.

  • On a big ship, you will sail during the whole night to reach the other destination; on a private Turkish gulet; travelers and yachtsmen can choose differently and your anchorages each night to rest under the stars.
  • On a cruise ship, you cannot swim in the sea! On a private yacht, you swim whenever and as long as you want.
  • On a ship, you have no other chance than obeying the schedule while on a private vessel, you plan your day. You have breakfast, lunch, and dinner whenever you like, stay in a bay as much as you wish, enjoy swimming, skiing, fishing, surfing, diving and exploring fantastic ruins on beautiful countryside whenever you want.
  • On big ships, you are traveling with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of strangers, where on a yacht, you have only your loved ones around.

Travel Atelier, being in the blue cruise industry as luxury travel experts and as also a personal interest; we have a great gulet portfolio of Turkey & Greece with professional crew providing outstanding service. Read some of our reviews here to learn more.


Do it your way...
Bareboat Charter Turkey

Sailors can also charter bareboat to discover hidden bays and enjoy the clear waters of Turkey & Greece. An experienced skipper may guide you through your sailing if you would like to with an extra charge as well. Travel Atelier assists sailors to charter Monohulls & Catamarans for memorable sailing experiences.

Please note that; our expertise for the blue cruise is private yachts where we know everything almost inside out and do our best so that nothing goes wrong.
Due to price factor; group tour charters are on a bigger demand and yes, we also offer cabin charter for Turkey and some Greek Islands to our guests on request.