Luxury boutique hotels of Cappadocia...

Today's premium caves of Kayakapi (means; rock door) has been occupied starting from Romans and since then, each civilization built all their houses on this hill when the city was the center of Cappadocia and called Bashisar (means: Head Castle).

By the end of late 1960; it was announced as an under-erosion danger area and being helped by the government; locals had to leave these old houses for the new ones where you will enjoy a full view of the new town.

The government started the project open to the public for all these houses (more than 875 buildings were registered) for the encouragement to restore the entire town.

While it has 16 rooms for now; every day they add more rooms with different themes where we will find you the most convenient room once you give us some tips about your preferences from a cave room with a pool or Hamam (Turkish bath) or both.

Best enjoyed by singles, couples, honeymooners, and families.